August 22, 2008

Making the "Big List"

Hello all. It's been a quiet summer for this blog but that's alright, many of us have been frantically traveling, researching, studying for prelims, and working for various professors, institutions, and the like. However, the summer "break" is almost over; I know this because the Great Minnesota Get Together has started and I'm beginning to see the tell-tale signs of wide-eyed teenagers with bookstore bags walking around campus. It's sad to say, but soon our quiet summertime campus won't be so quiet anymore. The lines will be longer at the convenience stores and God only knows when the bathrooms will be accessible again on the first floor of the Social Sciences building. This blog was only recently started in the spring semester and by the time it got rolling at all the summer had started. Hopefully, beginning with this fall, this blog will become a more active place filled with things other than pictures of fine graduate students cataloging their virtually non-existent free time.

On to some news.
You may all be interested to know that John Lynch from Arizona State developed a "big list" of HSTM blogs recently and I'm happy to say that we've made the list! If you interested in staying abreast with the hip and happenin', you might want to add these blogs to your daily reading list. Note that Suzanne Fischer's blog also made the list (and her blog is the reason I know about us making the list). Speaking of Suzanne Fischer, we all should give her a hearty congratulations on her new job as "Associate Curator of Technology" at the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Mich. Congrats Suzanne!

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