May 12, 2008

Party like it's the end of the semester

Hey all, long time no post. It's been very busy the past month and I hope everyone out in the HTMS blogosphere is doing well. As a celebration of the end of the semester, I will be organizing a trip to the St. Paul Saints game. Actually, I've already oranized it. Everyone who would like to attend is welcome. We'll be heading over to the game on Wednesday, May 21st. The Saints will be playing their consummate rivals, the Sioux City Explorers. Game starts at 7:05. We'll just be getting General Admission tickets (5$ at the gate) and sitting in the bleachers along the 3rd baseline. Come early, or come when you can. Come and celebrate the beginning of the summer with cheap beer and a turkey leg (or Minnesota cheese curds, your choice).

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Anonymous said...

I heard they are selling beer finally next year at all the games!!