January 21, 2008


Welcome to the new blog for the program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine! This blog is meant to be a forum for any number of HSTM related subjects. I would hope that this blog can be a place where current faculty and grad students can discuss weekly colloquia, where alumni and others can post about upcoming articles, books, and general updates (both personal and professional), and where general HSTM ideas, events, and discussions can be posted on a regular basis.

This blog is very new and I would welcome any suggestions of content to include on the side bar at any time. Right now there is a small list of links and a few upcoming 2008 events. I would hope that both of these will expand over time. Also permanently on the side bar is the weekly colloquium series schedule. If you have any questions specifically about the schedule you should contact Barbara Eastwold, the administrative assistant for the program, as I am merely a blog administrator/graduate student and wield no real power.

Again, please feel free to post at any time. Anybody is welcome to post. If you have serious doubts about the inception of this blog or great praise for its creation, all flattery and blame should be directed to Dr. Susan Rensing as this was her brain child. Enjoy!

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